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Clus.ter |ˈkləstər| a group of similar objects that grow together. Vinocluster sprung from a small group of family and friends who called themselves The Clusters  like-minded people in that all agreed the best things in life are family, good friends and good wine. Feel the same way?   

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Jaime Borton

Jaime was in the restaurant service industry for several years during college where she learned basic wine knowledge and how to sell to customers.            In 2008 she moved from Portland to Yakima, and her passion for the wine industry grew as she explored wine tasting in the Yakima Valley. Jaime and husband Byron became good friends with James and his wife, Colleen, after being introduced by mutual friends. In 2013, Borton and Son’s purchased an orchard with a small vineyard on it in Zillah, and since then Jaime has worked with James to make wine for the Borton family business. In 2017 Jaime partnered with James to form GFW, LLC (Good Friends Wine), and produced their first Vinocluster Chardonnay from Jaime's Conley Vineyard in the Columbia Valley AVA. 


James St. Clair

James earned his M.S. in Viticulture and Enology in 2006, winning a full teaching assistantship from Washington State University, Tri Cities campus. Starting at Silver Lake Winery as Lab and Viticulture Technician in 2009, James worked his way up to Enologist & Viticulturist, then on to Assistant Winemaker. In 2012, James became the Winemaker for Leone, Glen Fiona, and Roza Hills Vineyard labels and in 2013 he became head Winemaker for the entire line of Silver Lake wines, while maintaining his role as Viticulturist of the 265 acres under the Silver Lake umbrella. With the desire to explore his own creativity in winemaking, James teamed up with family and handful of close friends in 2011 to form a wine-making cooperative called “The Clusters”, focusing on Red Bordeaux varietals and sourcing the best grapes from the Rattlesnake Hills AVA. And in 2017, James and Jaime partnered to form GFW, LLC (Good Friends Wine) and produced their first Vinocluster Chardonnay from Jaime's Conley Vineyard in the Columbia Valley AVA.  James also managed 6 acres of Chardonnay grapes in the Roza Hills Vineyards for Charles Smith's winemaker, which goes into their Sixto label dedicated exclusively to  making world class Chardonnay. 


vinocluster Wine

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